Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation is involved in voluntary services, we started in 2010 and we have reached several projects both in urban and rural villages. Voluntary is aimed at promoting international understanding, peace and cultural exchange.SAWF organizes and coordinates work camps with volunteers to get to know Kenya work with local communities ,meet the locals and have insight into the Kenyan culture. Volunteers participate in Farming which include transforming overgrowing weeds into a proper garden by cutting, weeding and maintaining a farm for crop planting and also for beauty.

Stream restoration and water purification. It helps also in green house and human consumption


Helping rural communities in Mutalia and Malaa in Machakos where drought is common to be self-supportive through knowledge and skills. In the long run, it improves livelihood in vulnerable families where income is scarce. Girls have been pushed to become mothers at an early age due to poverty.