Construction Cause
Construction Fence

Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation has for ten years helped over 10,000 children get to school through renting a premise to accommodate the vulnerable children.In 2018 through cycle for Safisha Africa and friends we acquired one acre land to build both a day school and boarding school for the children who we were rescuing on the streets and those girls who had rape cases with no proper home to stay.Our aim was to contribute to end poverty through improving education and empowering every vulnerable child to be educated.We are working towards fulfilling the SDGS goals through facilitation of the needy to school.Again to improve the status of  households that live in informal settlements and slums so that in the long run they have jobs and give back to their communities for better economy.
Guess what COVID-19 is here with us closing school and rendering children miserable and frustrated in homes. In July 13th,2020 humanitarian organization reported pregnancy crisis for over 4,000 school girls under 18 years during the COVID-19 lock-down.With the report Safisha wants to make a difference to the vulnerable in Mutalia, Machakos County where we have land already bought.But the question is- will the classrooms remain the same?–With COVID-19 changes are happening ,children are  in homs abused,stolen,killed as schools remain closed,teachers have no salaries and work to do .The Pandemic that calls for “keep a distance option” will be applied in schools to keep children and teachers  safe from corona.It is the reason we target to construct a school for 11 programs that is from baby class to Grade 8 with each having two stream so that more children will have chance to learn and not be abused.A classroom that used to accommodate 45 children will accommodate 20 children,Again the school will need enough toilets for hygiene purposes,a kitchen for preparation of meals ,boarding facilities and three offices for the teachers.Since the schools will begin in January 2021 Safisha would like to use the remaining months from September to construct a school that will keep the children learning until they get to high school.The cost of constructing a school with enough classrooms,streams,offices,toilets ,boarding facility and kitchen is far much outweighed than the cost of not educating the children.Adults who lack basic skills have greater difficult finding well-paid jobs. Its important to guarantee poor households under pressure of loosing children into the streets a good life through access to education.
According to UNICEF, 1.2 million of school going aged children are still not attending school. With COVID-19 Pandemic many might fall back and turn to be in the streets or if they are girls become mothers at an early age. Safisha therefore wishes to construct a school on one acre land to accommodate many vulnerable children to have access to education .
Budgets have been forecast and it is justified that $218,300 dollars will construct a school to accommodate 500 children per year both including those who will stay in the school in the boarding facilities for security reasons.The budgets entail requirements of Contractor,Architect,Quantity surveyor,Structural engineer,foreman,laborers and materials.