Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation has for ten years worked in the slum populations and  settlement scheme.  It has been supporting the children and girls to access free and quality education and health care. The organization has empowered families  whose lives have been at risk to continue living fruitfully.


  • Assisted 5,000 children from marginalized families to access education through direct support to the children,families in the community .
  • sponsored 60 children  in high school.


  • One thousand children treated as outpatient with acute respiratory infections, malaria ,diarrhea, tetanus injections given to those with accidents .
  • 10 children with burns admitted  for two weeks after the house they were staying in caught fire.
  • A girl with Tuberculosis was diagonized and admitted for three weeks under constant care. Eventually, she got well, was discharged and monitored for six months.
  • 15 girls discontinued school after being discovered pregnant while in high school. They were rescued, given shelter and gave birth in hospital. Safisha catered for the hospital and maternal care expenses after which they got discharged. They are now back to school.
  • A small boy of 2 years who had been thrown in the sewage with burns was found and admitted in hospital. After 7 months of his rescue, he was operated on the hand that was stiff due to the burns.
  • A clap foot boy was operated on after his parents were unable to raise for his medical care for the operation.


  • 20 families resettled to other homes after they were vacated from where they were staying due to lack of rent payment.We paid the rent so that the children could still be in school.


  • Girls are kept in school by providing personal items for their use so that they can concentrate in class.