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You can choose to be a volunteer, an individual donor,a corporate donors to support our work..

We are always looking for Volunteer organizations (send us volunteers),companies(send us employees who can volunteer and match their time with us for donations,families(join our charity and support us),Universities (send us students to volunteers and do internship).

Thanks to:-

1.Carmen Knopfel for partnering with us

We have received support from the following;-

1.Hope of the world USA

2.Kirche-stammhein in Switzerland

3.Kari Morisson(CAF America -Cisco Matching)-USA

Thanks to the following individuals ;-

1.Justin Bryant-A pioneer generous brother-Australia

2.Armin Erhart-Germany

3.Kirsten Rosniatowski -Germany

4.Anne Giraud-Bossel Switzerland

5.Felix Keane- France

6.Henriette Andersen – Denmark

7.Alberto Gil Ibanez – Spain

8.Simon Andersen – Denmark