Parent's Demographics

Parent's Occupation

It is from this demographic analysis that Safisha Africa gives direct support to the children.

99% of parents are unable to participate in the cost-sharing policy of any school such as uniforms and shoes . If asked what would happen if they did not receive any direct support from Safisha they said:

My child would not have gone to any school.

Jane said: Iwould not have been able to buy uniform for my child.

Several parents expressed that in many schools, lunch has to be paid for, and they could not manage to feed their children with meals at school.

Overall, Safisha Africa has a 100%, parents satisfaction rate on children education by providing the following;-

  • Advocacy on every needy child to  be in school
  • Uniformity  that instills  confidence in a child to be same with the other child through  wearing school uniform .
  • Every day meal for the children
  • Writting materials
  • Text books to help the children in class work