Safisha Africa Welfare Foundation runs Safisha Africa School .The NGO through the school enrolls the children for schooling from Mowlem settlement scheme and the surrounding slum population to offer free and quality education to the children from the streets and those that have no access to the education.Priority is given to children with no education at all,those locked in the homes with no hope of going to school,and from families affected by HIV AIDS leave alone empowering girls to be better person through education.Poverty is real for children from slums areas always have no resource to be in any other private school or public school which has a cost sharing policy disadvantaging children from homes that have no resource to cater for their children in school. Safisha Africa School therefore provide direct support to the children in need by providing uniforms,shoes.sweaters,feeding program,a classroom and good environment for a marginalized child.This helps in the free access to education helping families to be relieved from suffering and stress .The communities are therefore transformed by having learned children aiming at shaping their future to be free from poverty.

The volunteers are recruited to help with the skills and support needed in the school through the organization.