Daisy Nabwire, Age 13

Daisy was among the top students in the country in the national primary exams of 2019. She had 412 marks. She could not afford the program to pay for high school tuition fees. Her story was aired on two major news channels (NTV KENYA and KTN KENYA).

Elizabeth Awuor

Elizabeth Awuor, Age 14

Elizabeth Awour comes from a family of a single mother. Her father died when she was a small girl. She is being empowered to go through high school and her performance is great

Safisha Girls

Abigael Chelangat, Age 15

Abigael Chelagat She went through Safisha Africa School.
Her is an orphan.Through somewhat program she is a beneficiary

Cynthia Wanjiru

Cynthia Wanjiru, Age 15

Cynthia Wanjiru She went through Safisha Africa School.
Her parents were unable to pay for her high school tuition fees. Through the program she is also a happy beneficiary

Lucy Komora

Lucy Komora, Age 15

Lucy Komora from Kilifi whose mother went mad and unable to facilitate her for her schooling. She is empowered to learn at Lema Girls